Hotstone. A platform. A process. A way to simplify your software development.

Our Hotstone platform allows a new way to rapidly deliver your software. Traditional software developments have a poor track record with frequent delays, budget over-run and scope shift.

Hotstone helps to eliminate many of these issues. Our platform forces a loosely coupled architecture. It also manages the software development so that each software component is automatically tested for functionality and quality before it can be accepted. 

Integration - the source of most frustration to the project manager - is a smoother experience as the the platform has forced a higher quality threshold and the design has reduced risk of interdependency isses between the components.

And the big bonus - nobody needs to understand the whole system, meaning that developers can work on their own modules without dependency on others.

For the first time, remote teams and offshore teams can actually work! We call this the Digital Turk.

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