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We are an international B2B organisation providing services, products and consultancy to businesses in the financial, energy, agriculture, charity and software sectors. We have offices, clients and partners in the UK, Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa.

We provide innovative cost-effective solutions to your business challenges, enabling your business to grow using smart technology.

Our Services

We provide management consultancy services, software development and delivery services, software products and change management services in multiple industries including finance, energy, IT, NGOs, charity, and law.



Our world class banking as a service platform together with our financial expertise will make allow you to innovate in this rapidly evolving sector.


Insurance needs to evolve and adapt to 21st century practices. Meet those challenges with our platform and solutions.


Leveraging our banking technologies, we support aid collection and distribution globally.


Our smart platforms allow managment of scalable energy and battery farms, optimising energy and prolonging life.


Our smart platform is enhancing 3rd world agriculture processing smart scanners to manage and monitor soil quality and crop yield.


Our Hotstone platform will provide the new backbone for your industry to allow rapid change and growth to suit your needs.


"Fabulous service. The team really understood our needs and delivered a solution in an incredibly short time"

COO of a UK Energy Company


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Interested in our Hotstone platform? Interested in how our Digital Turk management methodology can speed up your development and save you time and money?

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